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Augarten Wien
Porcelain Tin & Jam from Staud's


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Take afternoon tea and store your jam for scones, Austrian "Krapfen" (or dougnuts) and other sweet delights in this charming, handmade porcelain box from Vienna Porcelain Manufactory Augarten. Painted by hand, this porcelain tin is, of course, also suitable for breakfast or brunch. An unbeatable duo, this special set comes with delicious jam from the Viennese manufacturer Stauds.

Augarten Porcelain turned the favourite carnival dish into fine porcelain. Filled with marmalade or other delicacies at the breakfast table, a special packaging or an exceptional present – the Augarten "Krapfen" will always surprise and is a calorie-free temptation.

The favorite pastry during carnival season owes its name and especially its origin to a resourceful Viennese cook: Cecilia Krapf, also known as Mrs. Cilli, first made this lard-baked delicacy. But there’s more to it than that. The culinary history books from the time of Charlemagne already reported of a similar recipe, which was then served as ‘crapho’ in the 15th century. Accounts of the pastry have been found as far back as in Roman times. During their festivities to celebrate the beginning of spring, the ancient Romans consumed these luscious pastries in equally lush amounts. But back to the cook, Mrs. Cilli. She made the “modern” Krapfen of the carnival and ball season famous. The Viennese loved and still love their magnificent balls, with the many feasts, the sonorous melodies and the cheerful bustle. The extravagant celebrations, however, were missing some delightful sweets, thought Mrs. Krapf, and invented the handy “Cillykugeln”. Because you could enjoy them in just a few bites, they were not just a good, but also a practical snack. Supposedly, ten million of these “Cillykugeln” were consumed during the congress of 1814. Even in the Eipeldauer letters (published by the journalist Joseph Richter) one reads about the donuts, “Even if I wanted to forget about the carnival, the ubiquitous Krapfen would remind me.” We here in the factory are also pleased when the carnival season begins, because we all love donuts. And so we wanted to preserve the pastries throughout the year as marmalade and butter tins. Available in two sizes, our porcelain donut tins are real eye-catchers on the breakfast table, and not only during the carnival season. The large Krapfen tin even comes with a recess for the marmalade spoon. Oh, and the name Krapfen can be etymologically traced back to the ancient Romans who called their little donuts ‘globe balls’, and from there, around the 12th century, the European convent kitchens coined the so-called craplum or graphun – and it wasn’t long before the Krapfen was born.

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