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Augarten Wien
Porcelain Mocha Cup „Courage“


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Porcelain mocha cup "Courage" from Vienna Porcelain Manufactory Augarten for a true fine dining experience. The elegant porcelain cup takes your early morning ritual to the next level.

Legends of classicism: A winged and horned mythological creature depicted in a fiery tone on a black background, all combined with gold ornaments – this impressive example from the Manufactory’s classical period combines elements and form to produce quite exquisite results. The original was painted by Anton Kothgasser and today is housed in the Viennese Museum of Applied Arts.

There is huge value attached to the pattern COURAGE as it is considered the peak of classicism. But what defines classicism?

Classicism is heavily influenced by greek and roman Ancient Times and its clear lines and reduced designs are a heavy contrast to Baroque. Besides its clear forms its delicate details are presenting mythologies.

The greek and roman influences in the pattern COURAGE can be seen well in golden ornaments, which are similar to ancient shaping and which are especially well presented by the black background. The red creature is both horned and winged and is not only a colourful accent but also an exciting note.

Production of the pattern is in so far elaborate as the black background is painted first and red details are added after. The shades of the creature are painted by hand and give some fiery liveliness. Even today, the gold border still gets its lustre by hand polishing with fine seasand.

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