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Host gifts are a relatively new invention, which, in fact, used to be frowned upon. To this day, host gifts have no place at formal dinner parties (i.e. whenever dinner jackets are involved). The gesture of a host gift has, however, become endemic at casual dinners and drink parties. A good guest avoids bringing a hostess gift that will only create more work for the hostess or intrude on her design for the evening. While flowers are a perfectly fine host gift, bringing them to the party is not recommended as the hostess then has to excuse herself and take care of them. Rather, flowers should be sent the next day, with a thank-you note or even the morning of with a note saying how much you look forward to the evening. This way the hostess can incorporate the flowers in the evening’s set-up, should she wish to do so. A bottle of wine is only acceptable from a very young guest or a true connoisseur.
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