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The Art of Inviting

As Oscar Wilde already knew:  "Nothing annoys people so much as not receiving invitations." Because invitations are the harbingers of fabulous parties - from quick-witted conversations to a shattered bottle of Château Pétrus.

What Emily Post labeled "good manners" a 100 years ago is en vogue again. Because the statement of a handwritten card in times of e-mail and WhatsApp is a very clear one: the one of good education and a certain cultivation. But also one that gives slowness its room.

A faux pas that can be dispensed with when you're invited? A misspelled name or an incorrect title. Hardly anything could put a guest more into place. If you make the effort and send personalized invitations, you should also know the name of their partner. Stop with the rotten "+1", please. The dresscode (placed in the bottom right corner) should also not be forgotten. Otherwise a guest might turn up for small, casual dinner with a starched shirt and bow tie.

A fountain pen and ink should be used if possible, a gel roller is also acceptable, but under no circumstances use a ball-point pen. A sloppy card written in great haste should only be accepted by a man with flowers in his hand.

Monogrammed stationery or small cards give the whole thing a particularly personal touch. After all, good manners cost nothing but are worth millions!

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