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Posh Bathrooms

Bathrooms are neglected altogether too often. We are of the opinion that living like King Midas should extend to the furthest corner of your home. After all, if the rest of your living space is worthy to be put on display, you shouldn't slack off in the bathroom. Take the immaculate bathroom of the F. Scott Fitzgerald Suite at the Ritz Paris as your paragon and let it be your guiding light when furnishing your amenities. After all, for those who have everything too much of a good thing can be quite wonderful, no? Especially after a hard day's work. Let us present our selection of perfect bathroom additions to enjoy your bubble bath and champagne in fitting splendour.

We suggest following Fitzgerald's advice: “I want you to take a red-hot bath as hot as you can bear it, and just relax your nerves. You can read in the tub if you wish.”

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