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Nathalie von Hohenzollern

Über Nathalie von Hohenzollern

The vibrant hues of aguayo cloth, the delicate tendrils of Selva Madre vine, the dazzling, disorienting plains of Salar de Uyuni, where the sky and the earth meet in a desert made of salt: Nathalie Hohenzollern finds inspiration for her work from the beauty of nature and the multitude of stories and places that have shaped her life. The memories of a childhood visiting her mother’s homeland of Bolivia and the colorful traditions of the Inca influence the forms and materials she uses in her pieces. Gold, turquoise, freshwater pearls, and amethyst assemble in bold rhythms and delicate patterns. The depth and spirituality of her work is inspired by both darkness and light that fuel an organic creative process– the joy and wonder of children, the bittersweet pain of loss and hardship – united by the philosophy that a moment of beauty can be a force for positivity; a bright light and a source of energy that grows with you over time.

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