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It has been over 60 years since Marlen and Jochen Tostmann founded their own dirndl producing shop in Seewalchen on the Attersee lake. 

All Tostmann Dirndls are made exclusively in their Austrian workshops with the help of 100 employees in Vienna and Seewalchen. Their high quality materials ensure that whether you wear your dirndl once a year or every day to work, it will last you a lifetime.  Each dirndl can be hand made for women of sizes ranging from 32 to 50, and for little girls above the age of one. In addition, there is a large range of products for men as well.

It is possible to order a personalized dirndl for special events such as a wedding, or during a pregnancy. These are specially made, and unique for everyone’s individual taste and style.

All of their leftover fabrics from the dirndls are used and made into blankets and pillows. This can be a lovely gift from Austria.


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