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Miriam Haskell

Miriam Haskell is a exquisite jewellery boutique, that opened its first store in 1926. Their jewellery became renowned in the late 1920’s through the 1960’s due to their delicate yet affordable designs. During the Great Depression people became incredibly fond of their art glass and gold-plated parures.

Miriam Haskell, daughter of a small-town merchant from New Albany, Indiana, made it into the international world of famous designers at the young age of 30. She spent her afternoons talking to Coco Chanel while selecting the upcoming fashion features.

Her jewellery soon began appearing in publicity shots, on movie stars in numerous film and they soon opened another boutique at Saks Fifth Avenue as well as in Miami and London.

Miriam Haskell’s designs are just as cherished and appreciated now as they were back in the 1920’s, whether at an auction house or by any ordinary woman.  

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