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Malo, a luxurious cashmere brand, was founded by two Italian brothers, Alfredo and Giacomo Canessa in the 1970s. These two young men observed the elite having dinner in the square of Portofino wearing their simple, and plain cashmere sweaters. This encouraged the brothers to start their own vibrant line of luxurious cashmere sweaters.

Their first production had massive success, allowing them to establish their brand in Florence and welcoming buyers from all over the world. Malo’s cashmere is 70% made by hand and is therefore affordable by those who truly appreciate the value of high quality yarn.

Malo continues to grow both in their number of clients and in their production of various new collections ranging from simple to radiant colours. Malo comes from the Latin “ego malo” – meaning “I prefer”. This is aimed for the clients who can distinguish between local yarn, and the true high quality cashmere. Malo cashmere gives a new meaning to conformity and true softness on one’s skin.

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