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Cesare Attolini

Cesare Attolini is a luxurious brand for men, founded in Naples in the 1930s, by Vincenzo Attolini. During this time, Naples was known as one of the most stylish and elegant cities in Italy.

Neapolitan taste was a mixture of the English style with additional French and Spanish ancestry. Although the climate of the English and the Italians was rather different, the Neapolitans dressed identically to any high-class British man. However, Vincenzo Attolini decided to rewrite the rules of the Neapolitan elegance by creating his own personal style.

Attolini got rid of the typical shoulder pads and the thick linings. What remained was a soft jacket as light as a shirt, able to folded six even ten times. No tailor had dared to make such a fashion statement in the past 50 years, causing a revolution in the men's fashion world.

This new Neapolitan style is what has become to be know all around the world as "The Jacket".  Soon, aristocrats such as King Vittorio Emanuele III and the famous Duke of Windsor whose clothes were only to be sewn by English tailors, fell in love with Atolini's creation.

The brand is to this day in family hands, now run by Vincenzo's grandsons Giuseppe and Massimiliano Attolini. As the third generation of the family, both still follow the same diligence and commitment to perfectionism. They have managed to acquire the same skills as their grandfather through the years of practice and experience. Both grandsons still seek for excellence in each and every of their 50 handmade jackets and suits that leave their work shop. Their materials still remain from the highest quality shipped from England, Ireland and Scotland.

Attolini remains renowned for its timeless elegance and unique handmade suits produced exclusively in their workshop.


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