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Bresciani is renowned for its high-quality products which are present in the most prestigious stores of the world. 

Using the finest natural materials such as Egyptian cotton, cashmere hemp, silk and linen, Bresciani has become one of Italy's leading manufacturers of men's socks. Founded in 1970 by Mario Bresciani, decided to start his own business by establishing relationships with designers based in Italy.

Our socks have a classic design made with meticulous attention to detail along with highly skilled workmanship. Through the use of modern technology workforce, hand linked toe seams and superior quality, our socks are ensured to match everyone’s highest standards.

In today's world, our company distributes its product through numerous sales organizations across Europe, Africa and South America. Due to our collaboration with the most famous designers, the use of finest materials and our meticulous attention to detail explains our presence the most luxurious shops. 

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