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Theresienthal is a crystal glass manufactory, that has produced mouth-blown glass of excellent quality for the past 170 years. Since 1836 their customers list has amongst others included King Ludwig II, who obtained a complete glass set for the Russian Czar in St. Petersburg.

Each glass is individually manufactured solely by hand: from the arduous shaping of the glass to the delicate engravings. The glass has a long lasting tradition. Their glasses and glass accessories are known all over the world, with products made using traditional handcraftsmanship: colourful or simply crystal clear, but always luxuriously glittering and brilliant. Every glassblower, engraver, painter and craftsmen has accumulated the skill and experience needed since 1836 in order to perfect the remarkable works of Theresienthal. Many of these workers have been part of the company for decades, some are even the fourth or fifth generation of artisans whom Theresienthal relies on to produce each and every unique product.

Each mouth-blown glass is hand crafted in the Bavarian Forest, producing a unique paper-thin result, regardless whether decanters or wine goblets. In the past couple of years, Theresienthal has enlarged its collection by producing modern variations of the centuries old shapes and patterns. They make sure that every glass goes through a specific process for it to reach the perfection known from Theresienthal.

A wooden mould is made by a master wood turner, in which the liquid glass is blown out of to form the specific shape. A strand of liquefied glass is formed into a stem that is then attached to the base of the cup before it solidifies. A similar process is used for other ornaments with additional paint depending on the design. All products are exclusively finished in Bavaria, guaranteeing that each and every object is made carefully and of the highest quality

Their techniques continue to be developed, even our famous colouring methods, such as the Theresienthal's overlap technique.

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