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Sieger by Fürstenberg

"Everything which is perfect in its own way must go beyond its own way" - Johannn Wolfgang von Goethe

Discover the art of lavish, high-quality porcelain, linen table-sheets and accessories through the joy of dining and indulge yourself from Fürstenberg's range of designs. Their passion for handmade craftsmanship and love for porcelain are what helps them master the spectacular Fürstenberg products. Their creativity is fed by centuries of experience and man power, allowing us to create the perfect porcelain objects using old artisan techniques. For the past 265 years, we have left lasting impressions on each and every consumer by perceiving their deeply buried desires.

Unique craftsmanship as well as eccentric porcelain is what Fürstenberg has stood for since it was founded in January 1747 by Duke Charles I of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel. Fürstenberg is a traditional porcelain manufacturer from Lower Saxony, Germany, that still operates on its original site.

A large portion of Fürstenbergs’ porcelain production remains based on manual labour. Each and every employee perfections the pieces thanks to their years of experiencing the art of manufacturing porcelain over the past 265 years. Thanks to numerous renowned artist, modellers and designers, Fürstenberg has continued to be a large partaker in the porcelain manufacturing world. 

No matter how fast our world continues to evolve, people still yearn for things which have been produced with great dedication and care. We all admire products made from a true manufactory, where it is known that people who have such love and passion for that they do. Fürstenberg continues to produce the finest porcelain which is only possible due to the hand crafter works made with passion and precision.

We are happy to include individual customer’s requirements: from personal family coat of arms as well as individual decorations. Fürstenberg looks forward to taking your wishes into consideration and providing consultation.

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