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The house of Phaedon was founded by two Parisian aesthetes with a passion for travel and the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean.

A zoomorphic emblem representing two Assyrian griffins crowns the name of the legendary slave turned philosopher: Phaedon of Elis. Phaedon was born in the Greek city of Elis in 400 B.C. As a youth, he was captured during the battle between Elis and Sparta then bought by an Athenian slave trader. He was serving a meal when one of the guests asked his new master a question. Phaedon was the one who answered the guest, who was none other than Socrates.

Dazzled by Phaedon’s wit and beauty, the philosopher bought the young man and made him his disciple. Phaedon’s scents, composed by guest perfumers, come in either eau de toilette or highly concentrated (30%) eau de parfum. They also offer highly concentrated home fragrances and scented candles produced by master candle-makers working for prestigious brands.

Two Parisian aesthetes fell in love with ancient meditarranean cultures and decided to create the house of Phaedon. Their six eux de toilette are eco-friendly as they are sold in refillable, splash or spray bottles. These scents capture the most beautiful and simple odors derived from numerous different places such as Incese Wood from Awaji, Essence of Malaga from Andalusia and Freesia from South Africa. 

Their emblem represents two Assytrian griffins crowning the Greek philosopher Phaedo of Elis, a noble young man who was forced into slavery. However, through his charm and brilliant mind, he managed to impress Socrates who decided to buy him his freedom, and make him into his disciple.

Twenty-five centuries later, the two Parisians decided to perserve Phaedon’s ideas and thoughts through a range of scents. The names of the owners of Phaedon as well as of the perfumers are unknown, however it is known that two of their lines were signed by the renowned Pierre Guillaume. 

In addition, Phaedon also produces highly concentrated scented candles produced by candle-makers of great renown.

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