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Bontoni's craftsmen are renowned for their permanent dedication to the glorious art of shoemaking. Over the years of tradition, Bontoni's employees have been creating products with utmost passion and creativity - which is the soul essence of Bontoni. Upon completion, each pair of shoe represents up to 32 hours of arduous work and 8 weeks of preparation and making. 

Every shoe is handcrafted using traditional tools with an extreme attention to detail. This results in something remarkably unique. All of their products come solely from their laboratory in the outskirts of Montegranaro, Marches, one of Italy's shoemaking capitals. 

At Bontoni the third generation shoemakers are welcomed, as they take the art as pleasure and not as labour. Pride and dedication to their clients has been passed down from generation to generation. As a result, they ensure that their expertise and knowledge gets handed down to the next generation in order to continue building their legacy.

 Bontoni chooses to produce only a limited amount per year, in order to keep our luxurious uniqueness at hand. Their style combines the rich and the discreet with the typical Italian elegance. Botoni seeks to capture the elegance of the past. 

Bontoni ensures the highest quality and proves time and time again the importance of details. Their unique craft remains untouched by any other shoemakers in the world. 


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