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Augarten Wien

Throughout the 300 years of history, Augarten has remained highly renowned for its delicate and luxurious porcelain masterpieces. Not only do their table sets create a harmonic ambiance and pleasing aesthetic for each and every meal, it also serves as a family heirloom for generations to come.

They offer a wide range of products appropriate for any occasion including weddings, christenings or simply a birthday. Each and every object is passionately made and painted by hand ensuring a long lasting value.

Augarten continues to collaborate with numerous famous designers such as Josef Hoffman who help keep the porcelain’s traditional and unique image. More recently, they collaborated with the high-tech 3D printing company “Mostlikely” bringing a more modern touch to their productions. Together they combine the art of porcelain with a knowledge for technical manoeuvres into a modern yet elegant result.

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