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Anti-Age Serum


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The new hyaluron serum is an intensive and highly-concentrated new generation anti-ageing product. The proven, clean MUTI active ingredient formula with fragmented hyaluronic acid – this is the most pure hyaluron – is being utilised at optimum dosage. Hyaluron supports the structural organisation of the skin and increases its moisture content in the long-term, as well as its elasticity and youthful appearance. A regular, daily application of hyaluron acts against signs of ageing of the skin and maintains a youthful, fresh complexion.


The success of the new serum can be seen and felt immediately and in the long-term. Short-term effects: in order to protect from free radicals, the serum leaves a small film on the skin’s surface. This special formula offers an intelligent means of protection against sign of ageing of the skin and provides an immediate, glowing complexion. Long-term effects: the serum locks highly active ingredients from the following products (such as Muticare day or night crèmes) into the deeper layers of the skin, so that they may unfold their maximum effectiveness. The formation of collagen and elastin fibres, which contribute towards tighter outlines and a full appearance of the skin, is therefore promoted in the long-term, whilst a regeneration of the cells is also stimulated.

The serum, which, like all MUTI products, does not contain controversial ingredients, such as parabenes, silicones, mineral oils and paraffin, is the perfect addition for all those, who would like to spoil their skin with freshness, vitality, tightness and youthfulness in addition to their daily maintenance routine.

Apply daily after cleaning, on its own or before applying day and night crèmes to the face, neck and décolleté. Suitable for men and women of all ages throughout the year and for all skin types. Can be combined with day, night and eye crèmes. In case of very oily skin, or after shaving, the hyaluron serum may also be used on its own.

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