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Volutes - Eau de Parfum


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- Spices, Tobacco, Honey, Iris, Styrax -

Blond, honeyed Egyptian tobacco transports you to mysterious horizons and far-off shores. Iris strengthens it, spices give it body, and styrax imposes a daring and distinguished leathery note. (75ml)

The voyage of your dreams. A long haul crossing, stopping off at a number of places with magical names, all redolent of adventure and spice.

Volutes, it’s a shape and a scent, intimately linked : the volute and tobacco. It’s also the scent of the labyrinth of waxed corridors and panelled lounges, the mysterious, and elegant ladies leaning on the ship’s rail smoking their Khedive cigarettes.

The journey that Yves Coueslant, one of the three founders, used to make as a child on the transatlantic liners that connected Marseilles to Saigon. These long crossings that he experienced, with the perception of childhood and his taste for the fabulous, made such a strong impression on him that they have impregnated the walls of the perfume house. They are there; they are known, recounted, imagined, time and again, and ultimately fashioned into an olfactory account. Everything blends together in this narrative: a whirl of sounds, colours, scents, people and landscapes. There is the infinite sea and sky, first of all, and those ports of call with enchanting names, Port Said, the Suez Canal, Djibouti, Colombo, Singapore…. cities and coasts that smell of adventure and spices, where you disembark dressed in white to play explorers in legendary far-off places. There is, too, the tarry mystery of the holds and the hull, and the labyrinth of waxed passageways and wood-panelled salons. Above all, there is life on board, with its rituals and beautiful female passengers, whose sophistication is heightened by the journey. A magic lantern depicting a series of unforgettable images of elegance and freedom, in which people dance, flirt and smoke in a hubbub of music, voices and the noise of machines and from which the heady aromas of cigarettes and precious fragrances arise in concentric waves. The dominating elements that make this mish-mash of impressions a smooth and golden memory are an intimately linked shape and scent: the volute and tobacco. Smoking fumes from the liner’s chimneys. Foamy wakes. Flights of silk and chiffon. Wafts of expensive perfumes. Everything uncoils and evaporates on the boat. But the most beautiful spiral shape, which concentrates the soul of the journey with its movement and fragrances, is the smoke from the Egyptian cigarettes that were “carried” as a fashion accessory at the time.

An incredibly chic, mild and honeyed tobacco that envelops without losing anything of its bearing and keeps a beautiful ruggedness beneath its velvety suppleness. To develop all of its aromas, diptyque and its partner Fabrice Pellegrin, a lover of fine ingredients, have paired an absolute, intense and bold tobacco with an Amsterdamer note, with accents of wax, honey and dried fruit. This blend has resulted in this incomparable “period” tobacco fragrance, which you can imagine with the smoke from the Khediv’s cigarettes and can almost smell on seeing their box illustrated with a sphinx, palm trees and fezzes. However, there is no facile Orientalism or listlessness in these Volutes. They rise up straight, with full-bodied top notes of fresh spices. Pink pepper, Madagascan pepper and saffron allow them to lightly establish their velvety presence and play rather coy. Their long blond spiral is deployed at the heart over warm, dry hay and the smooth layer of a beautiful golden honey. Iris is also present, elaborated in its skin facet, and brings the comfort and suppleness of very fine suede to these enveloping wisps. We find ourselves on the deck surrounded by these aromas in which cigarette smoke and fine perfumery intermingle. Yet, the story takes place on a boat, and immortelle, first of all, and then myrrh alongside the tobacco give black, slightly bituminous notes that remind us that the hull is also one of the charms of the journey and that the intense pleasure of a cigarette, however mild it may be, comes from that imperceptible bitterness that we would be disappointed not to inhale. Nothing to alarm elegant gentlemen and ladies who find, on the contrary, that this subtly dosed, sombre little side adds a great deal to the composition’s sophistication and hold. Volutes is not just a very beautiful tobacco. It has body and personality. A kaleidoscope in which all the facets – fruity, floral, aromatic and spicy – have been worked to release its richness and accentuate the base. Storax, opopanax, benzoin… the balms and gums that it combines are extracted using a brand new process that respects their olfactory power and faithfulness. They do not merely offer this tobacco their generous warmth: they give it an unexpected balance and depth and deliciously extend its refined sillage.

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