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Satin Oil for the Body and Hair - Voile Satin


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Beautifying, silky, evanescent. The women of Rhodes are all heady with the sweet caress of Jasmine scented oil. Alexander the Great brought Jasmine back to his homeland after his notorious conquests. This dry, satiny oil soothes and enhances the skin. When applied to dry hair, it revitalizes and gives back the original brilliance.

Its formula

Jasmine Absolute soothes and softens the skin, making it ultra silky and slightly iridescent. Hair becomes shinier and more beautiful than ever before. Avocado Oil, rich in vitamins A, E and B, moisturizes and regenerates the skin and hair, protecting them from external aggressions. Urucum Oil protects against the harmful effect of UV-B rays and helps to prevent the skin’s aging.

Its fragrance

Jasminum Grandiflorum, combined with Ylang Ylang, gives the skin a warm, bright scent with a touch of honey-amber, tinged with a spicy note of Saffron.

The gentle influence of jasmine absolute enhances the natural beauty of both hair and body, leaving the skin soft, soothed and satiny and the hair bright and glossy. Its light, silky texture with a base of avocado oil and refined urucum oil delights the skin with its moisturizing, nourishing and renewing virtues while warding off skin aging. The warm, honeyed and spicy notes of Jasminum grandiflorum, ylang ylang and saffron add a voluptuous touch.

 JASMINE [Jasminum grandiflorum]

White flowers, with a corolla of fragile, highly fragrant petals, that grow on trailing or standing bushes grouped together into cymes or clusters.


This island city caught between East and West was paradise for ancient perfumers, who reveled in its rich variety of aromatic plant life and sunny fragrances. It is also the adopted home of the star jasmine brought back by Alexander the Great, a favorite flower for the balms, oils, ointments and other fragrances with which women love to anoint their bodies. Experience the sensuality of skin and hair whose natural beauty has been enhanced by an evanescent oil, and the magic of a totally reinvented approach to beauty.

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